Creative Team

Luigi Ferrara

Artist and Poet

Luigi Ferrara is an award-winning artist, architect, designer and educator. He is currently the Dean of Arts, Design and Information Technology at George Brown College where he also oversees the world-renowned Institute without Boundaries. His strength in multiple disciplines allows him to create installation projects with complex multimedia characteristics combining painting, sculpture, video, dance, poetry, craft, augmented reality, design and architecture to make philosophical and conceptual statements. These works are often collaborative in nature involving other colleagues and his student body. This year marks the third collaboration with Renova for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

Voitek Pendrak


Voitek Pendrak is an artist and photographer working in Toronto. His subject is predominantly the human figure. Finding the perfect line linking geometry and sensuality is the goal of his portraiture. This is Voitek's third collaboration with Luigi for Nuit Blanche. Images created by Voitek during these projects have been turned into art books, augmented reality and have been used in advertising campaigns for Renova throughout Europe.

Lori Endes


Lori has over 25 years experience as a designer in the areas of Costume and Set design, Interior and Architectural design. She has also created exhibitions and is experienced in design research and the collaborative design process. She works at the School of Design on a wide variety of special projects and teaches studio courses in the Graphic Design program. This is Lori’s second collaboration with Luigi for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Juan Camacho

Set Design

Juan Camacho is an Industrial Designer with a wide experience in store planning, fixtures, exhibitions and products. He is part of the IwB faculty at George Brown College and works with Luigi Ferrara in the developing of exhibitions, city projects and public art. He is a founder of Morpho-Synthesis Inc. that creates exhibitions, retail environments and products.

Monica Contreras

Assistant Poet

Monica Contreras is an award-winning architect, artist and professor who is passionate about poetry, literature and design. She has volunteered for the Lovers of the River Almonda project for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche as an experiment in family creativity.

Araceli Ferrara

Assistant Poet

Araceli Ferrara is a high school student who attends Rosedale School for the Performing Arts. She has been writing short stories, plays and novels since her early teens and has over 10,000 followers who follow her writing online. She has volunteered for the role of poet for the Lovers of the River Almonda project at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche to expand her repertoire of creative skills.

Marcello Ferrara

Assistant Poet

Marcello Ferrara is a filmmaker and poet living in Montreal. His multimedia poetry cycle, The Blind Son of Snow, commissioned by the Department of Digital Humanities at McGill, was recently presented at la Sorbonne in Paris. He is currently editing a feature length documentary on collaborative design and developing a work of interactive poetry about marketing in the 21st century.

Tony Leung


Tony Leung is a semi-professional photographer in Mississauga. Areas of interest include events, landscape, and portraiture photography. Tony has worked with Voitek Pendrak on many projects. He is active in many local meetup groups and enjoys outings with other fellow photographers.

Katherine Quan

Web Design

Katherine is a graphic design student in her final year at George Brown College. Her focus is in corporate communications and web design. She has previously worked on design projects for George Brown College, Toronto Digifest, and Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. She is especially interested in information design and user experience design.

Exhibit Fabrication

Design 2100

Graphic Installation

Kevin Wang & Ginny Chen

Graphics & Web Assistants

Paula Lafleur, Denise Oomen, Qing Li

Exhibit Animator

Gabrielle Browne & Monica Pendrak


Michael Nguyen

T-shirt Design

Eunice Joaquin